Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Power Generation Rises to 4,349.7MW

The Presidential Task Force on Power (PTFP) has said that the country’s power generation has increased to 4,349.7 megawatts (MW), adding that it was a peak all-time generation milestone in the country’s power sector.
Disclosing the new generation capacity which it announced despite increasing public distraught on the recent decline in electricity supply across the country, the chairman of PTFP, Mr. Beks Dagogo-Jack, explained in a statement from the Head, Media and Communications of PTFP, Mrs. Awele Okigbo, that the increase was occasioned by diligent management of power systems in the country by various managers in the sector.
Dagogo-Jack specifically singled out for commendation the new management contractor for Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Manitoba Hydro International (MHI) and Systems Operator in TCN.
He also attributed the new generation capacity to key developments in the sector such as the successful return of the Egbin Power Plant back to the national grid after a prolonged maintenance schedule, the final commencement of operation of the third gas turbine at the Omotosho National Integrated Power Projects (NIPPs) plant and restoration of gas supply from the Escravos gas plant belonging to Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) on the western gas network to the Escravos-Lagos Pipeline System (ELPS ).

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